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When we were ask to do a studio project regarding a political theme, I immediately thought of feminism and gender equality. Since last semester, I have focused on oppression of women today. As I research for this project, I focused on theme of rape culture but my ideas have evolve to violence and abuse. I reflect quite a bit of “why?” Why was I was doing this project? And so this is where Taped Stories came in. There was some recall experiences of gender degrading and objectifying. This was a theme that I have to still explore for myself. I hope to make a small differences as I build up courage to share my story.

My Progress:

Here are my business card that I will be handing out:


Here is the print versions: (delivered on Friday 3/26/17)

I think the color are a little bit darker, and the images printed are not as smooth and sharp. Overall, the service is very professional and fast. And it is good enough to be use.

I divided the business card into 5 and 10, ready to be given out. Postcards will be posted in close areas. Student Sierra suggested to have them in bathroom stalls. I will searched out certain bathroom that has a smaller space to drop off one or tape some on the bathroom stall door.

campus map_stars
Map of CSU Chico

Getting ready for April 2nd:

I brought three small pocket notebook to record daily experiences, interaction and emotion. I will be using the darker notebook because it has 200 pages. The notebook will also be my way to communicate with people as well.

I also created a google doc to have classmates, roommates and friends sign up to help me record my daily activities.

Click here to see my public Calender that records my project schedule.

On April 2nd, I started my project. Check out my reflections at my taped stories website.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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