Knightmare Project

Here is my process for the collaboration Stop motion Animation. Our group is call Shadow Puppets, which consisting: Raul Hernandez, Mai Dao Thao, and Tyler Hammons. Our animation is called Kightmare.


A boy falls asleep and dreams of monsters. The boy and his teddy bear encounters 3 monster and finally was able to defeat the last one and fall back asleep again.

My Conceptual Character Design for Bogeyman:

I had some time to cut my puppet our of paper and try to test them out. I decided that the best way to animate my monster was to do replacement animation. It was hard to switch from 2d to 3d animation with real materials. Sometimes it was difficult to image and solve problems.

I wanted to have my character to be fluid and having a rotoscope effect. I want him to be flowing and to be transparent, also to have tension.

My Part for the Storyboard:

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I tried to have my storyboard have as less movement as possible but still tells the story. I think the less movement the better and so I have a lot of close up shots. I also tried to think of different ways to tell the story too such as the transition from the forest to the room, instead of having the boy walk to a house and then the hallway.

My Part for the Animatic Storyboard:

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I think redrawing my sketches was a good idea to have a clear shot but it was not necessary. Compare to my classmate’s drawing, I couldn’t follow his storyboard. So it was hard to edit and finalize the timing of the story.

My progress on creating images:

I use Adobe Photoshop just like I would use it for my own animation. So in this way, it help me see how my character will already move and such. When one scene only have 1 movement, it was easier for me to animate. But when I was working on the a scene where it had 3 movement one after another, it was much more harder to create. I also use references for the hands on the side.

Studio Work day:


Only 7 more weeks to go…

Pictures taken on March 28th, studio day.

Pictures taken on April 3rd, working at home.

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