Sharon Louden

Sharon Louden was invited to Chico State by Professor Lauren Ruth to give an artist talk about her artworks, her process and her journey into her book called “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life” consisting of 40 working and living artist.

Many of the topics that Louden mentioned surprised me because I thought I was the only one thinking about it, but I am wrong. She mentioned that the materials that she been using has been getting too comfortable. I have thought about that too before with the medium that I use. She has a very strong positive personality about her that is quite overwhelming charming.  Her mind seems to be running really fast but her heart stayed still and passionate.

In one of my class, we had a chance to read some of the amazing artists that discussed their art career and how they sustain it. Truly, very inspiring essays. Many artists talked about a partner who are very supportive and understanding. They also talked about being engage with their interested or their community. All the artist that was involved did not do this because it made money, because it didn’t. I am grateful for artists like these who share their stories to the next generation young artist.



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