Know Her Name Exhibition

Know Her Name poster in the Hallway of Ayers Building.

Know Her Name exhibition is at The Janet Turner Print Museum located at CSU Chico, CA. The Exhibition will be up until April 15th, 2017.

This exhibition showcased 25 women printmaker artists in the 1970s selected by students from the Contemporary Art history class in Fall 2016. The Shojo Manga Artist exhibition is also presented along side the Know Her Name exhibition, curated by Professor Masami Toku. Her curator’s talk will be on April 13th.

Curator’s Talk was on March 23 with Professor Rachel Middleman and graduated student Leanne Ramirez. Professor Rachel Middleman started out with a great question, “Why a women’s exhibition?” and Why in 2017? There was oppression and struggles in the 1970s and still today, because statistic shows that women artist are not presented in museums and galleries. I was surprise to hear, Leanne Ramirez mention that out of the 38,000 prints collected in the Turner Museum, only 1,006 prints was created by women artists because that is a huge differences. I will be visiting again and so more will be updated.

Click here to visit the Turner Print Museum.


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