Art Performance: But Wait There is More…

But Wait There is More…Part 2: Performance program

20170323_182944Very powerful and interesting pieces. During the performances, I was thinking about how art performance pieces are very beautiful and complex because of each action, movement, decision are carefully deeply thought of, with the use of shape and form to communicate or reflect something. We become part of the piece too. And each person can experiences and interpretive differently on performances pieces, and I think that is very intriguing.

I was trying to collect and connect each given information to have a conclusion about the performance pieces, which in the end, is a piece of information about the artist. This also made me reflect of my experiences depending the artist performances, which trigger memories or emotions.

Why is she holding that? Why the metal rings? How does that connect with each other? What is the relationship between the rings and the artist? Overall, very interesting performance because this have only been my second viewing of live performances. I highly encourage all to attend, at least once to an art performance.

Here are a few pictures that I took during some of the performances.


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