Over Spring Break

I heard that there was a police shooting a black man during spring break. Here is the news link.


Each year, I distrust the police more and more. Every time I hear stories like these, it makes me angry. And makes me fear them more too. I hated the cops before and I hated them even more now.

In 2014, I encounter injustice with a sheriff who was suppose to protect and serve me. I was on my bike, riding back home after waiting the rain out around 10pm. I spotted a police car that have stopped at the intersection with no red lights. And so I made sure to stopped too. I thought he was letting me go, but I was mistaken, he didn’t even look up once. He hit me as I was passing by. I fell off and rolled on top of his car and then falling down on the wet road, facing down. “dude, are you alright?” yelled the police man. I was angry and couldn’t believe this is happening. A cop hit me… He changed his tone once he realize I was a woman and probably notice that I was Asian. “Didn’t you see me?” I asked. “…no…” He said. He pulled his car to the side and helped me to the sidewalk. “are you ok? do you need any medical attention?” He asked. I said no. Still in shocked. Then he said he had to go because there was a robbery near by. As he moved to go, I asked him “you are going to report this right?” and he hesitated and said yea in a soft voice as if he was in thoughts. I walked home with my bike. And when I got home, I called to report in the accident. Later, a police man came by and asked question and took pictures. He said, possibility that he will report it later. There was someone else who called to report it whom confirmed that he was a sheriff.

A couples of weeks later a sheriff called and we met. He gave me pictures to look at. All the sheriff was white and male expect for one or two. Of course I was not going to remember, it was dark. And he said that if I remember, I can call him. He also mention that I can go to the sheriff department and complain? And that the sheriff that hit me should of have a followed a procedure. I asked him, if he was caught, what would happen to him. He said he would be suspended only. Still to this day, he wasn’t caught. And It felt like these cop were protecting their own because I feel like they knew who was near campus at that time. Even that sheriff that talked to me, was making excuses like “the police are on the road all the time, and so they are bound to hit someone. And if that happens, then they have a produces to go through.” But this person didn’t. This sheriff was a criminal. This was a hit and run.

Physically, I was fine, but mentally, I broke. During this time, I was at the top of stress in my college year. This was the beginning of my reality hitting me really hard. I can’t do it all and life will happen. People who are suppose to protect and serve may not do that. People who we are taught to trust may hit you and run off. If he had just reported it, then all was well, but he didn’t. Why? Did he think he can get away with it? Was it because I was a woman? Was it because I was Asian? Why did he run? Is he even a decent human?


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