Gloria Steinem in Chico


Here is more information about Gloria Steinem in Chico.

I did not know who Gloria Steinem was until I read her book My Life on the Road, for my art class which focused on the political and the personal. I was able to get a free ticket and I was able to attend the student interaction/ Q&A Session at 2PM. My seat was far and high, but it was an privilege to be there. I took some notes and found that her statement on feminist = anti-racism, was very interesting. I find that even then, it may be still hard to be both because we deals with major barriers.

From her book, she talked about circle talks and really listening. I think that is very needed now at a time like this. From my past attendance at the State of Union and at work, I hear people of color talked about their experiences. And I am starting to question activist and feminist because even there seem to be a huge portion of people of color absent. And I feel that it is because they are excluded in a way. I become aware of the inner racism within ourselves. I become aware that I have some prejudice towards people, and so I will take that effort to really try to learn and understand people because if I don’t then how can I call myself an activist, a feminist ?



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