100 Days Later Exhibition

20170306_183215Students, staffs, faculties and community are invited to write what is on their mind regarding the politics.

Location: B-SO Space, Ayers Building, CSU Chico, CA

Time: March 6 – March 10, 2017

On the Poster: “You are invited to write your feelings about the postitive and support in our community on the white papered wall.”

On Monday night, the first day of the exhibition, our class had a chance to write and draw our thoughts and feeling. Surprisingly, there was a few comments written that may have missed the point of this opportunity. There was some that had random words, or asking questions not related to anything political. I feel like there was half of the written comments there shows that some people just don’t care or have no opinion.

Here was some of the writings and drawing that I have put on the wall.

I put some thoughts specifically to say that this national change is about the people. And part of it is that we have divided ourself and I think that is the main problem. Where is the human interaction, connection and understanding. Where have we gone wrong? How can we fix this? I think it is time to step back and to really try to be in the same page in order to move forward as a country. I also

I also have put in some Hmong phrase to show that the people writing are diverse, and that the Hmong community is here too. I wanted to add some visibility to the API group which are usually underrepresent and  invisible almost everywhere. Due to my lack of writing in Hmong, I was only able to write with the help of google translation: Hlub txhua leej txhua tus = Love everyone.


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