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This blog is for me to record my progress and reflect on my art projects during only this spring 2017 semester at CSU Chico.




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Diversity Art Show

Come visit the Diversity Art show exhibition at CSU, Chico. I have three works with other fellow artist in the gallery. The location is at Kendall hall in the Lew D Oliver Gallery.  Click here for more information.

Exhibition opens from April 17 – April 26. Reception is on April 27 at 3:30-4:30 at Kendall hall. 20170419_141958

I like to thank my sisters, Jer Xiong and Bao Xiong for helping with the framing and carrying them to Kendall Hall. I like to thank my classmate Mai Dao Thao who showed me how to frame. And to my professor, Joshua Olivera who encouraged us to submit artworks to exhibition and also explained the pricing of artworks. This is the first time I have label any of my artworks. Lastly, I like to thank my professor/advisor/mentor Nanette Wylde, who had allowed me to explore identity concepts and guided me throughout my college years. I really appreciated all the support.

Sharon Louden

Sharon Louden was invited to Chico State by Professor Lauren Ruth to give an artist talk about her artworks, her process and her journey into her book called “Living and Sustaining a Creative Life” consisting of 40 working and living artist.

Many of the topics that Louden mentioned surprised me because I thought I was the only one thinking about it, but I am wrong. She mentioned that the materials that she been using has been getting too comfortable. I have thought about that too before with the medium that I use. She has a very strong positive personality about her that is quite overwhelming charming.  Her mind seems to be running really fast but her heart stayed still and passionate.

In one of my class, we had a chance to read some of the amazing artists that discussed their art career and how they sustain it. Truly, very inspiring essays. Many artists talked about a partner who are very supportive and understanding. They also talked about being engage with their interested or their community. All the artist that was involved did not do this because it made money, because it didn’t. I am grateful for artists like these who share their stories to the next generation young artist.


10 10 20 Gallery Show

10 10 20 Gallery Show and Sale

There was 87 student who purchase the $10, 10 inch by 10 inch empty canvas and added their artwork and then submit their artwork to be on sale for $20 to help fund for the wood shop. Coordinated by David Barta with his committee. Congratulation to the committee and to the students for a successful show.

Gallery show: March 27-March 30, Reception at March 29 at 5PM at B-SO Space in Ayers Building, CSU Chico.

There was many great pieces but I did feel that there was less pieces this semester. I had a chance to participate in the show some years ago. My work did not sell but I didn’t mind too much because I did not put that much effort into it. During that time, I got to purchase a piece which I still have it, while my work that didn’t sell is sitting on my table as a desk organizer. Kudos to those who worked and submitted their work on time because I know it is hard to set aside time to do a side project.

Art Performance: But Wait There is More…

But Wait There is More…Part 2: Performance program

20170323_182944Very powerful and interesting pieces. During the performances, I was thinking about how art performance pieces are very beautiful and complex because of each action, movement, decision are carefully deeply thought of, with the use of shape and form to communicate or reflect something. We become part of the piece too. And each person can experiences and interpretive differently on performances pieces, and I think that is very intriguing.

I was trying to collect and connect each given information to have a conclusion about the performance pieces, which in the end, is a piece of information about the artist. This also made me reflect of my experiences depending the artist performances, which trigger memories or emotions.

Why is she holding that? Why the metal rings? How does that connect with each other? What is the relationship between the rings and the artist? Overall, very interesting performance because this have only been my second viewing of live performances. I highly encourage all to attend, at least once to an art performance.

Here are a few pictures that I took during some of the performances.

Know Her Name Exhibition

Know Her Name poster in the Hallway of Ayers Building.

Know Her Name exhibition is at The Janet Turner Print Museum located at CSU Chico, CA. The Exhibition will be up until April 15th, 2017.

This exhibition showcased 25 women printmaker artists in the 1970s selected by students from the Contemporary Art history class in Fall 2016. The Shojo Manga Artist exhibition is also presented along side the Know Her Name exhibition, curated by Professor Masami Toku. Her curator’s talk will be on April 13th.

Curator’s Talk was on March 23 with Professor Rachel Middleman and graduated student Leanne Ramirez. Professor Rachel Middleman started out with a great question, “Why a women’s exhibition?” and Why in 2017? There was oppression and struggles in the 1970s and still today, because statistic shows that women artist are not presented in museums and galleries. I was surprise to hear, Leanne Ramirez mention that out of the 38,000 prints collected in the Turner Museum, only 1,006 prints was created by women artists because that is a huge differences. I will be visiting again and so more will be updated.

Click here to visit the Turner Print Museum.

Hmong Museum Exhibitions

Hmong Museum Exhibitions in Chico right now!

Check out their website here:

Chico Museum | Valene I. Smith Museum of Anthropology

Chico Museum

Located at 141 Salem Street, Chico, CA 95928, Phone: 530-891-4336
Open: Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m.
Closed: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Grand opening:


All coordinated by Leader for Lifetime (L4L) Organization in Chico. Click here to get more information about L4L.

Check out another Museum only a few minute away!

Valene I. Smith Museum of Anthropology

3817 Anthropology Series F16 Poster

Museum Hours: January 10, 2017-July 27, 2017 Tuesday-Saturday 11-3

Closed between exhibitions. See exhibition schedule for specific dates. Note: The Museum of Anthropology is completely wheelchair accessible.

The museum is located in the Meriam Library complex, next to the Janet Turner Museum


Museum of Anthropology
CSU, Chico 95929-0400
Contact them: anthromuseum@csuchico.edu
Phone: 530-898-5397

We should all be feminists

We should all be feminists | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie | TEDxEuston

Watching this Ted Talk, always inspired me.

This has really made me reflect on my experiences and certain social norm in America. There was one incident that happen 3 years ago at school that was very surprising. I was walking with a male Asian friend going into a building, chatting away. I got to the door first and opened the door and waited for him to go in. But he didn’t. He stopped and there was a couple second pauses. I told him to go in first but he told me to go in first. I was confused by this and went in. I thought, was the social norm of “men holding the door” and “ladies goes first” happening right now? I told him that I had already reached the door first and was letting him go in first, so why couldn’t he just go in?. He said that, it was because he was raise up this way…

I heard that there was a police shooting a black man during spring break. Here is the news link.


Each year, I distrust the police more and more. Every time I hear stories like these, it makes me angry. And makes me fear them more too. I hated the cops before and I hated them even more now.

In 2014, I encounter injustice with a sheriff who was suppose to protect and serve me. I was on my bike, riding back home after waiting the rain out around 10pm. I spotted a police car that have stopped at the intersection with no red lights. And so I made sure to stopped too. I thought he was letting me go, but I was mistaken, he didn’t even look up once. He hit me as I was passing by. I fell off and rolled on top of his car and then falling down on the wet road, facing down. “dude, are you alright?” yelled the police man. I was angry and couldn’t believe this is happening. A cop hit me… He changed his tone once he realize I was a woman and probably notice that I was Asian. “Didn’t you see me?” I asked. “…no…” He said. He pulled his car to the side and helped me to the sidewalk. “are you ok? do you need any medical attention?” He asked. I said no. Still in shocked. Then he said he had to go because there was a robbery near by. As he moved to go, I asked him “you are going to report this right?” and he hesitated and said yea in a soft voice as if he was in thoughts. I walked home with my bike. And when I got home, I called to report in the accident. Later, a police man came by and asked question and took pictures. He said, possibility that he will report it later. There was someone else who called to report it whom confirmed that he was a sheriff.

A couples of weeks later a sheriff called and we met. He gave me pictures to look at. All the sheriff was white and male expect for one or two. Of course I was not going to remember, it was dark. And he said that if I remember, I can call him. He also mention that I can go to the sheriff department and complain? And that the sheriff that hit me should of have a followed a procedure. I asked him, if he was caught, what would happen to him. He said he would be suspended only. Still to this day, he wasn’t caught. And It felt like these cop were protecting their own because I feel like they knew who was near campus at that time. Even that sheriff that talked to me, was making excuses like “the police are on the road all the time, and so they are bound to hit someone. And if that happens, then they have a produces to go through.” But this person didn’t. This sheriff was a criminal. This was a hit and run.

Physically, I was fine, but mentally, I broke. During this time, I was at the top of stress in my college year. This was the beginning of my reality hitting me really hard. I can’t do it all and life will happen. People who are suppose to protect and serve may not do that. People who we are taught to trust may hit you and run off. If he had just reported it, then all was well, but he didn’t. Why? Did he think he can get away with it? Was it because I was a woman? Was it because I was Asian? Why did he run? Is he even a decent human?

My Class Trip to SFMOMA

20170310_090636Art Class trip with Arts495 on March 10th,  2017.

There was 8 of us in total. 6 of us left from the school at 7AM and got to SF around 10AM. We left back to Chico around 6PM. We were mainly at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We went to some galleries near by. More information will be updated later.


Some Arts that I saw in SFMOMA:

It was very inspiring to see comic style art in the museum, since my style is inspired by manga and anime.


Some Arts in other galleries:

There was some really interesting artworks here. Some I knew, and some I didn’t know.


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